Welcome to DeSME, a platform where we harmoniously blend the stability and resilience of small to medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) with the dynamism and innovation of the crypto world. As we traverse these vibrant sectors, we are actively scouting for investment opportunities in both established businesses and promising new ideas.

While we appreciate novelty, our primary interest often leans towards businesses that are ready for expansion. We are drawn to ventures that are already making an impact in the market and, with our support, have the potential to resonate even louder. However, this doesn’t limit us from recognizing the potential in fresh, groundbreaking ideas that align with our investment philosophy and market trends.

In our quest for businesses to support and invest in, we give preference to those that have short lead times, require minimal new investments, and demonstrate good profitability. We are always open to considering ventures that, although newer, show promise and align with our broader investment strategy.

Don’t hesitate, write to us now! We’re eager to learn more about your venture and explore the ways we can collaborate to drive its growth. At DeSME, we’re not just investors; we’re partners committed to providing the guidance, resources, and support you need on your path to success. Together, let’s unlock new levels of success in the MSME and crypto sectors.

Have A Business Idea In Your Mind?

DeSME is your gateway to growth in the MSME and crypto sectors. Write to us now! We’re eager to collaborate and transform your vision into a successful reality.