USP of MSMEs Investment

Investing in MSMEs offers unique advantages that contribute to their attractiveness as an investment opportunity. Here’s why we chose MSMEs as our preferred destination for investments:

Lucrative Investment Proposition

MSMEs thrive in specialized markets thanks to their streamlined operations and quick response times. Their low entry barriers, lower regulatory burdens, and lower overhead costs make them attractive investments due to the potential for substantial returns. In recent years, MSMEs have seen remarkable growth and success across various countries. For instance, in Kenya, MSMEs raised $40 million through 87 offerings, representing 150% growth from the previous year. Germany’s innovative and tech-driven MSME sector saw €25 million ($28 million) successfully raised for 60 SME projects. The Philippines experienced a boost in MSME funding, with $15 million raised through 100 offerings, reflecting 120% growth compared to the previous year. South Africa and Singapore also witnessed impressive MSME funding growth, with ZAR 200 million ($13.5 million) raised in South Africa and SGD 50 million ($36 million) in Singapore. These cases demonstrate the tremendous investment opportunities presented by MSMEs across diverse markets. With their specialized market presence and agile operations, MSMEs offer a profitable investment proposition brimming with potential for high returns on investment.

Streamlined Operations and Quick Response

MSMEs excel in their ability to navigate specialized markets swiftly, capitalizing on their streamlined operations and rapid decision-making. This agility allows them to adapt swiftly to changing market dynamics, presenting promising opportunities for investors.

High Profitability Potential

MSMEs enjoy lower entry barriers, reduced regulatory burdens, and diminished ancillary expenses. This cost advantage creates a favorable environment for generating substantial returns on investment, paving the way for attractive ROI potential.

Remarkable Growth Trajectory

The growth trajectory of MSMEs is nothing short of remarkable. In India alone, MSMEs raised an astounding Rs 2,232 crore ($322 million) through 125 offerings in the 2022-23 fiscal year, showcasing a staggering 128% growth compared to the previous year. Noteworthy projects like the Innovative Small and Medium Enterprises (iSME) initiative in Lebanon successfully secured $13.1 million in funding, further underlining the upward trajectory of MSMEs

Strong Performance Indicators

MSMEs listed on SME markets have consistently demonstrated stronger profitability ratios, higher return on assets, and improved asset utilization ratios compared to smaller firms listed on main boards. Despite occasional liquidity challenges, these MSMEs have showcased remarkable resilience, expansion capabilities, and flexibility, highlighting their potential for sustainable growth.

Market Specialization

MSMEs often operate in niche markets and cater to specific customer segments. This specialization allows them to focus on meeting the unique needs and preferences of their target audience, leading to higher customer satisfaction and loyalty. By investing in MSMEs, investors can tap into these specialized markets and benefit from their competitive advantage.


Indeed, when faced with economic downturns and catastrophes, MSMEs have shown amazing resilience. They are so tenacious because their direct connection to consumers’ everyday lives, in addition to their flat organizational structures and speedy decision-making, contributes to their success. Many MSMEs depend on the production and delivery of necessities like food, medication, milk, vegetables, and eggs. These are necessities that people cannot do without, no matter how the economy is doing as a whole. People may cut back on discretionary spending during economic downturns, but demand for necessities is likely to be steady. Because of this, the resilience of the MSMEs that supply these products and services is ensured. The milk-producing sector during the COVID-19 epidemic is a good case in point. Demand for milk remained stable or even climbed as people became more health conscious in the wake of the outbreak. Despite widespread economic upheaval, many SMEs were able to keep running because of steady customer demand. In addition, when disruptions occurred, MSMEs were frequently better equipped to react quickly than larger enterprises because their supply networks tended to be more locally based. Since they were more embedded in their communities, they were better able to sense and respond to changes in consumer demand.

Short Breakeven Time

Due to their leaner and more streamlined operations, MSMEs often have quicker breakeven periods than their bigger counterparts. Less dependence on costly gear and large-scale facilities reduces both up-front capital requirements and ongoing operating expenses. Because of this, they may invest much less money up front and reach profitability much sooner. In addition, they are more easily set up and require less regulatory compliances because their business models are simpler and their organizational structures are less convoluted. The combination of these characteristics is what allows MSMEs to turn a profit in a short amount of time.

Lower Risk

Due to the nature and definition of MSMEs, investing in them entails portfolio diversification. Due to size limitations, it is necessary to diversify investments among multiple businesses. Therefore, if an investor puts too much money into a single MSME, that company runs the risk of outgrowing the MSME category and becoming a large corporation. Due to this constraint, investors are more inclined to spread their money over a number of businesses rather than investing all of it in one, which lowers their overall risk exposure.

These compelling cases illustrate the significant opportunities presented by investing in MSMEs. For investors looking for significant returns and long-term growth, their potential for high profitability, remarkable growth trends, and strong performance indicators make them an alluring option.

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