• Token Symbol: DeSME.
  • Token Generation Event Date: 18th September 2023
  • Initial MCap : $1000
  • Contract Address (Renounced)


  • Network: Ethereum, Platform: Uniswap (V2)
  • LP Locked: 3 years 
  • Total Supply: 100,000,000 (100M)  
  • Maximum Supply: 94,900,000 (94.9 million) 
  • Token Burn*: 5,100,000 (5.1 million)

*5,100,000 tokens were locked in the contract at the time of deployment. Every month, 425,000 tokens are automatically released from the contract, and upon triggering the burn function, they are directly transferred to the dead wallet.

These tokens can only be sent to the dead wallet and cannot be claimed in any other manner. This process will continue for 12 months. As of December 2023, a total of 1,275,000 $DeSME tokens have been burnt.

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Tax Distribution Mechanism

The tax amount in Ethereum is utilized as follows:

⦁ 2% to be invested in non-crypto-based (MSME) businesses and also crypto-based revenue-generating utilities. This wallet is called an Investment Wallet.

Address: 0xC740260971B02D56a385D972E9e7143026c93658

⦁ 2% of it is for LP addition, OTC Deals, Developer fees, Marketing fees, team, or any other cost required for successful maintenance and upkeep of the DeSME token. This wallet is known as the Maintenance Wallet.

Address: 0x06c23DDB8Bf8Fde034E63e2ac0c5A690e5b75490

⦁ 1% of the taxes would be proportionally re-distributed to the DeSME holders. This wallet is called as Rewards wallet

Reward Distribution Mechanism

Reward distribution for DeSME holders would work in the following three ways:

100% of Profits generated through non-crypto offline (MSME) businesses would be re-distributed to the DeSME holders.

Address: 0x379569E9F730783dAfA0D8cD86EDf501f9D7A3EB

100% Revenue accrued through crypto utilities (where DeSME would be the base token) would be re-distributed to the DeSME holders.

Address: 0xb84cE3a788749C124414D553e0ceC81C0bea9A16

20% of ETH generated through transaction volume of DeSME token would be also be re-distributed to the DeSME holders.

Address: 0xE1992Cb9C3499B7ea97162C426bB150DEf8e0615

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