Market Research for DeSME Token

In our evaluation of DeSME’s competitors, we found that there are many other investment tokens with varying tax allocation models. However, all these tokens focus solely on crypto-based projects, whereas there exists no other crypto project which directly invests in the MSME sector.

Our distinctive approach makes us the first and only token that facilitates investments from the crypto world into real world MSMEs. Unlike other tokens in this category, DeSME’s innovative approach utilizes crypto funds to empower real-world businesses, creating a mutually beneficial scenario for token holders and offline MSMEs.

Furthermore, DeSME stands out not only in the crypto world but also in the traditional VC funding circles. In the realm of traditional venture capital funding, SMEs are often overlooked, with VC firms and angel investors primarily targeting mature, high-growth companies with substantial capital requirements. DeSME addresses this gap by focusing on the untapped potential of the MSME sector, offering investment opportunities in this vital segment with a promise of attractive returns.

By combining the best of both worlds, crypto investments and real-world MSMEs, DeSME positions itself as a market pioneer with a vast market potential providing unparalleled opportunities for investors and MSMEs alike.

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