Governance Structure

Voting, Snapshot, and Proposal Mechanism

With a community-driven approach to governance, the DeSME project gives token holders the ability to actively engage in decision-making. Our governance structure is intended to be straightforward, open, and effective, making sure that each token holder’s opinion is taken into consideration.

Snapshot Voting Mechanism

To facilitate fair and secure voting, we implement a snapshot voting mechanism. Periodically, snapshots of token holders’ balances are taken at specific intervals. These snapshots determine the voting power of each token holder for a particular proposal. The more tokens a holder possesses, the greater their voting weight in the decision-making process. This ensures that voting is proportionate to the stake an individual has in the project.

Proposals Mechanism

The DeSME community is encouraged to submit proposals covering a wide range of topics, such as platform improvements, new investment opportunities, changes to tokenomics, marketing strategies, and community initiatives. Proposals are thoroughly reviewed by the core team and relevant experts to assess feasibility, potential impact, and alignment with the project’s goals.

Voting Process

Once a proposal is deemed valid, it is put forward for voting. A voting period is set to allow token holders sufficient time to review the proposal and cast their votes. During the voting period, token holders can use their voting power, determined by the snapshot, to cast a vote in favor, against, or abstain from the proposal.

Transparency and Results

Transparency is a cornerstone of our governance model. All proposals, voting periods, and final voting results are publicly accessible on the DeSME platform and other communication channels. This ensures that the community is well-informed and can follow the decision-making process closely.


After the voting period ends, the proposal with the highest number of votes in favor becomes the accepted outcome. The DeSME team will then proceed with implementing the approved proposal within a reasonable timeframe. In cases where major changes to the project are proposed, a more extended period for community discussion and feedback may be employed to ensure inclusivity and consensus-building

Flexibility and Adaptability

The governance structure of DeSME is designed to be flexible and adaptive to the evolving needs and aspirations of the community. As the project grows, we may refine and enhance our governance processes to ensure efficiency and effectiveness in decision-making.

In conclusion, DeSME adopts a straightforward voting system with snapshot and suggestions mechanisms for governance, allowing token holders a direct say in how the project develops. By fostering a transparent and inclusive environment, we aim to harness the collective wisdom of our community to create a thriving ecosystem that drives sustainable growth and positive impact in the world of crypto and MSME investment.


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