Future Roadmap

  • Investment in First Offline Business

    Deploy funds from token sales to invest in the first offline MSME business. Conduct thorough due diligence to identify a promising venture that aligns with our investment criteria and offers growth potential.

  • Initiate Community Engagement

    Establish a strong online presence through various social media channels. Engage with the community and create awareness about the DeSME project.

  • Initial Marketing and Brand Recognition:

    Develop and execute marketing strategies to build brand recognition and attract potential holders. Utilize targeted advertising, content creation, and partnerships to expand the token's visibility.

  • Announcement of our first crypto-related product:

    Taking forward our mixed approach, we would announce the development of our first crypto-related revenue generating utility.

  • Snapshot Mechanism Development:

    Create a snapshot mechanism that records the duration of token holding for each investor. This mechanism will enable the distribution of rewards and profits based on the duration of holding, incentivizing long-term investment and loyalty.

  • Exploration and Development of Crypto-Related Utilities:

    As we progress towards realizing our MSME investments, we would start exploring and developing revenue sharing crypto utilities. This strategic move is aimed at providing our token holders with a diversified and all-weather investment portfolio. By incorporating both MSME investments and crypto-based revenue-sharing utilities, we aim to create a resilient and sustainable ecosystem that maximizes benefits for our community.

  • Distribution of Profits:

    Distribute profits from the first offline MSME business investment to our token holders. Furthermore, we will also share profits generated from our crypto tools and utilities with our token holders. By incorporating both aspects into the distribution mechanism, we aim to create an equitable environment where all our token holders can benefit fairly from our investment ventures and crypto revenue-sharing initiatives.

  • Investment in More Offline Businesses:

    Expand the investment portfolio by identifying and investing in additional offline MSMEs. Diversify the investment portfolio across various industries to mitigate risks and maximize returns.

  • Continuous Growth and Expansion:

    Seek new investment opportunities, nurture existing investments, and provide ongoing support to the MSMEs in our portfolio. Foster sustainable growth and contribute to the success of the invested businesses while creating value for token holders and the wider community.

  • Strategic Partnerships and Collaborations:

    To bolster the growth and adoption of DeSME, we actively seek strategic partnerships and collaborations with like-minded organizations and projects in the crypto space. These collaborations can enhance our ecosystem, widen our reach, and offer additional value propositions to our token holders.

  • Launch of DesmeAngels.com

    A pioneering crowdfunded platform, revolutionizes investment in real-world MSME businesses, empowering individuals to support and shape the future of small enterprises with their contributions.

  • Development of more crypto related products


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