What is the token address and explorer link for DeSME?

The token address for DeSME is [Token Address]. You can explore transactions and other details related to the token on [Explorer Link].

The total supply for the DeSME token is 100,000,000 DeSME (100 Million).

The DeSME token is deployed on the Ethereum network. As of now, it is not available on any other blockchain.

The trade tax for DeSME is set at 5% on all buy and sell transactions. Of the 5% tax collected, 2% is invested in non-crypto-based offline MSME businesses & also crypto-based revenue generating utilities. The profits generated from these investments are then distributed proportionally to DeSME token holders, fostering mutual growth and prosperity. The remaining 3% tax is divided between the Maintenance Wallet (2%) for essential tasks and the token holders (1%) for proportional rewards, creating a rewarding and inclusive investment opportunity for DeSME holders.

No, DeSME was launched through a stealth launch and 95% of the supply is part of the LP and 05% is allocated to the team, to be released monthly for 12 months from the launch of the token.

Yes, the token contract has been renounced to ensure transparency and instil trust in the community

Currently, DeSME token can be bought only on Uniswap V2. Future listings on other platforms would be informed through official channels.

The recommended slippage for buying DeSME is 6-7%.

The liquidity is locked for a period of 3 years on UniCrypt

Is the team baehind DeSME doxxed?

The team behind DeSME is not Doxxed to prioritize the security and privacy of its members, avoiding potential risks such as hacking and identity theft. This approach also fosters an inclusive and professional environment, where the focus remains on the project’s merits and impact in the crypto sector. Rest assured, DeSME is fully committed to adhering to all local laws and regulatory compliance in its partnerships and investments, ensuring a secure and compliant environment for its community.

The primary utility of DeSME is revenue sharing (through MSME profits) and governance participation. As we progress, we have exciting plans to introduce additional crypto-related utilities, cementing DeSME’s central role as the main token for interacting with these forthcoming features.

Holding DeSME tokens offers a highly rewarding experience through a 3-tier rewards system. Firstly, profits generated from non-crypto (MSME) businesses are redistributed to DeSME holders, providing them with a direct share in the success of these ventures. Secondly, revenue accrued from crypto utilities, where DeSME serves as the base token, is also redistributed to token holders, enabling them to benefit from the growing adoption of these utilities. Lastly, 1% of ETH generated through the transaction volume of DeSME tokens is distributed back to the DeSME holders, adding an additional layer of passive income. This comprehensive rewards structure ensures that holding DeSME tokens not only contributes to the growth of the ecosystem but also presents attractive financial incentives for investors.

The same is yet to be decided, as and when it’s finalised, we will inform it through our social handles.

ETH rewards will be distributed to holders as and when the dashboard/user panel for claiming the rewards is live. The exact timing of the same will be communicated to the community through official channels.

DeSME stands out among other crypto projects and DEXs because the main USP is that it’s catering to both crypto and MSME businesses with 100% profits to its token holders. It’s a kind of all-weather solution where the crypto part would generate revenue in a bull season whereas the MSME returns would augment the returns in a bear season.

The ETH rewards will primarily be applicable to holders who store their DeSME tokens in their own wallets, yet as and when an exchange listing happens, we will explore other possibilities also.

The process will be subject to the terms and conditions of the future dashboard. While staking may be one of the potential ways to earn rewards, we are exploring multiple sources of earnings and revenue to determine what systems work best for our community. Our commitment is to create a secure and efficient mechanism that aligns with the best interests of our token holders.

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